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Simple Brilliance

Your privacy is our primary concern.  

COVID-19 Exposure App is 100% anonymous, it does not know your name, age, sex, etc.  COVID-19 Exposure App simply runs in the background on your device, constantly monitoring your movement through your day.  

In the unlikely event that you need to see your physician, visit a hospital, or you need to be tested for COVID-19 your medical professional will simply provide you with an 8-digit code linked to your result to enter into COVID-19 Exposure App.  Again, this is 100% anonymous and authenticated.


All modules are entirely configurable.  Q&I,  Contact Tracing, Social Distancing, etc. can all be turned on or off per implementation.

What are the societal benefits by allowing this app to run on all of our devices?

As suspected and confirmed cases are anonymously logged into the global database we now have an increasing wealth of information that would typically take years to gather.  Think "crowd-sourcing" for a cure.  We can use this data to keep people safe, help prevent the spread, and help businesses return to normal operations sooner.

"You've got the best public health brains in the world, you've got people who can harness technology brilliantly. You've got people who can really think out of the box.

The formula for success is testing people, finding each case, identifying people who have come into contact with those who have been infected, isolating those who are ill or who have been exposed and quarantining."

Margaret Harris - WHO

This is exactly the foundation of our awareness benefits.  Help identify and quarantine before transmission.

Exposure Awareness Benefits

The main objective of the app is to identify which devices have been exposed to COVID-19 to the Nth level of separation.

With a high degree of accuracy the system can predict if you are contagious based on your device's exposure history.  We should be self-quarantining BEFORE we are contagious not when we test positive.  Proactively getting infected people informed sooner would "flatten the curve" drastically and immediately.  Medical professionals can use your exposure history as a critical tool toward the precautions they take when treating you including prioritization of testing.

Clinical Research Data

Imagine, we have millions of devices location data.  We know which of those devices have been associated with an infected person.  We know where that device has been for the last 30 days and how much time it spent at each location.  For clinical research this information would be paramount in the following ways:

  • Determining how long a particular environment is contagious.  
  • Determining which environments or exposures are contagious and which are not.  For example we may determine a 30 second trip through the drive through is contagious while a 5 hour day at the beach is not.  Our billions of data points will reveal patterns quickly.
  • Determining epidemiologic data: helping decipher time of exposure to onset of symptoms, infectivity and appropriate testing time from known exposure. Determining typically how long before a positive test result or symptoms appear as well as contagiousness.

Medical Supply Routing and Prioritization

By understanding where someone was prior to testing positive, we can analyze the data based on their movement and exposure to others down to the Nth degree and very accurately estimate the need for additional supplies and resources within a certain geography.  For example if Patient X tested positive today but she has been feeling ill and is self-quarantining there is a good chance she didn't infect anyone else.  However, if Patient X was feeling fine and going to the local grocery store, hanging out at the popular restaurants or works at the local school we can accurately predict how many people she infected based on the exposure time and proximity.  This information will be instrumental in helping to route supplies and resources before they are at critical level.

Essential medical equipment could be distributed to the areas of most anticipated need. If a suburb of Orlando has numerous positive results with multiple exposures prior to self-isolation, patient demographics (age, co-morbidities) could determine how many ventilators should be added to the arsenal of the local hospitals.

The benefits are boundless...  Let's squash this virus and get America back to work.



vaze for retail

Additional Information

Vaze for retail leverages the power of Vaze for retail applications.  As a software development shop we can integrate with your current loyalty program or brand Vaze for retail for your organization.

Vaze for retail offers a subset of the Vaze functionality while adding 2D barcode scanning used to keep track of how many patrons are in your store, and for how long.  Vaze for retail uses BLE Scanning to alert patrons and optionally your management team of Social Distancing violations.

Adding on our indoor GPS will provide your organization with detailed heat-maps of hotspots in your store, identifying where you may want to add additional displays or space out inventory.


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